Physician-Scientist Training Program

(CME Accredited – For US-Practicing Physicians Only)

Physician-Scientist Training Program

Live Sessions + Hands-on Research Experience + Leadership and Mentorship Guidance + Certification
 (Duration: 12 Months)
$10,000 (+Enrollment cost $500)
  • Exclusive: Research education, Analytical skill learning, Hands-on project experience, National conference presentations, Abstract and Manuscript publications, Research CV, Interview preparation, Certification, Research Mentorship, Leadership and Mentorship guidance, and Career Development guidance
  • 12 months of comprehensive clinical research experience
  • Step-by-step, thorough guidance on projects’ formation and execution process
  • The course covers a full spectrum of basic and advanced research education and guidance on translating ideas and thoughts into viable research projects, including observational study, quality improvement (QI) study, systematic review & meta-analysis, literature review, survey study, and case report-series
  • Each month, you will be working on different types of projects, with the USA attending and instructors, and submit them to the appropriate Peer-reviewed National Conferences (AHA, AMA, AAN, ANA, DDW, AASLD, SGIM, APA, EPA, USCAP, etc.) and PubMed/Google Scholar-indexed peer-reviewed journals (Major Publication Houses: Elsevier, Springer Nature, MDPI, BMJ, Wiley, SAGE, Cureus, etc.)
  • Learning opportunities for presenting and publishing your projects
  • 8-10 students (including residents and/or fellows) per group
  • Groups will be monitored and mentored by three mentors Dr. Patel, a Speciality-specific US Attending Physician, and an Onboard Biostatistician
  • Specifically tailored for USA Practicing Physicians and Greencard or Promotion applicants only
  • Grant Writing Training 
  • Stepwise approach to become an Independent Investigator
  • Research-based Inter-Institutional Collaboration
  • Career Development Guidance
  • Leadership and Mentorship Guidance
  • Balancing Research and Clinical Practice
  • Opportunity to participate in the “Annual Research Day”
  • Certification of Completion will  be provided upon successful completion of the training and presenting your work in the “Peer-reviewed National Conference”
  • At the end of the course, you should expect to have completed 8 Research Studies (Observational Study, Systematic Review +/- Meta-analysis, Literature Review, and Case Report) and 8 National Conference Abstract Presentations

Employment-Based Immigration (EB1 and EB2-NIW) Application Support Services

(Non-research related activities)
EB1-A (Extraordinary Ability), EB1-B (Outstanding Researchers), and EB2-NIW (National Interest Waiver)
  • Eligibility Criteria Evaluation
  • Timeline & Strategy Planning
  • Peer-review Activity & Reviewership Assistance
  • Editorial Board Membership Guidance
  • Scientific Society Membership Guidance
  • Guidance to Increase Visibility of Research and Media Coverage
  • Guidance to Increase Citations
  • Dependent and Independent LoRs Assistance
  • Research Summary Writing
  • Proofreading of File 


EB1B approved Filed: Nov 14th, 2022, approved Nov 28, 2022
Specialty: Nephrology
Applied under 3 Criteria:
1. Judge of others- had 28 peer reviews for various journals and 2 Editorial position.
2. Publications- 12 articles, 1 book chapter
3. Contributions of major significance- 30 citations at time of application Lawyer: Victoria Chen’s firm- Extremely efficient and prompt. Did a great job drafting letters and petition. They follow a set pattern and stick to it.
Share your experience with us: Big thanks to Urvish for his unwavering support and help throughout the process.

Date of Application: May 3, 2022
Category of Application (EB1A, EB1B, EB2-NIW): EB1A
Specialty of Interest: Neurology, Vascular neurology
Number of Citations: 74
Number of Publications on Google Scholar: 14 full publications, 17 abstract
Number of Articles Reviewed: 45
Number of Editorial Board Membership Positions:4
Number & Name of Scientific Society-Invited Membership: SigmaXi, AMA, AINA, AAN, AHA/ASA
Share your experience with us: Oh! What should I say? Hard to explain this feeling. Urvish, you are like my brother. You were there for me every single step. And we are still going to work together.