Clinical Research Education (Free Online Videos)

The clinical research education series is the structured online YouTube and Zoom lectures available for all, emphasizing the aspects of basic and advanced clinical research as well as an understanding of the basic publication processes for medical students and physicians-in-training across the world.

Role of the clinical research in the different healthcare systems of USA, UK, and India.

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Stepwise Approach – Hypothesis Generation (Roadmap to Publication)

Introduction to Clinical Research

Types of Clinical Research

Introduction to Manuscript Writing

Manuscript Structuring & Abstract Content

How to write an effective “Introduction” for the manuscript?

Citation of Article Using Mendeley

What is a “Quality Improvement” Study?

Where and how do you publish your research work?

Residency ERAS CV / Application – Research & Publication Section

How to find a research mentor for feedback & constructive Criticism when applying to a residency program?

How to make award-winning posters and oral presentations?

The Roadmap to Green Card for the US Physicians: EB1-A, EB1-B, and EB2-NIW

Growing Need for Research in the Roadmap to Residency

Approach to Meta-analysis and Importance of original research in residency application