USMLE & Residency Match Services (Combo Plans)

US Clinical Experience

Research Experience

Residency Application & Interview Preparation

Why Our Combo Plans

  • Along with USMLE scores, US clinical and research experience, writing strong personal statement & CV, and interview preparation are very crucial to MATCH.
  • Together we can help you to achieve all these necessary skills and safe medical housing under one umbrella with reduced and affordable cost.
  • We can change the overall experience of your application and make your journey more memorable and interesting.
  • We can track your success and path from time to time until you reach your destination “THE MATCH”.
  • Let’s nail your journey together.

Our Services

Brooklyn USCE

4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks
Clinical Rotation Programs
  • Providing clinical rotations at Competitive Pricing
  • Offering Electives / Externships / Observership / Telemedicine rotations opportunities to medical students and graduates
  • Affordable and safe medical housing while rotating in New York City, through our company “Brooklyn Medical Housing”
  • Weekly didactics and chance to present cases and topics based on your rotation
  • Opportunity to participate and present clinical vignettes in the “Brooklyn USCE Annual Meeting” and publish abstracts/posters in the peer-reviewed online publication

Research Update

Clinical Research Mentor-Mentee Program
Clinical Research Training Program
Clinical Research Fast-Track Program
  • All-in-one : Research education, Analytical skill learning, Hands-on project experience, Research CV & Interview preparation, and Certification
  • 6 months of comprehensive clinical research experience
  • Step by step thorough guidance on projects’ formation and execution process
  • The course covers a full spectrum of basic and advanced research education and guidance on translating ideas/thoughts into viable research projects including observational study, quality improvement (QI) study, systematic review & meta-analysis, literature review, survey study, and case report-series
  • Each month, you will be working on different types of projects, with the USA attending and instructors, and submit them to the appropriate Peer-reviewed National Conferences (AHA, AMA, AAN, ANA, DDW, AASLD, SGIM, APA, EPA, USCAP, etc.) and PubMed/Google Scholar-indexed peer-reviewed journals (Major Publication Houses: Elsevier, Springer Nature, MDPI, BMJ, Wiley, SAGE, Cureus, etc.)
  • Learning opportunities for presenting and publishing your projects
  • 8-10 students (including residents and fellows) per group and online training sessions
  • Specifically tailored for USA Residency or Fellowship Applicants
  • Opportunity to participate in the “Annual Research Day”
  • Certification of Completion will  be provided upon successful completion of the training and presenting your work in the “Peer-reviewed National Conference”
  • End of the course, you should expect to complete 3 Research Studies and 3 National Conference Presentations

Residency Success

Residency Application (CV/PS) &
Interview Preparation
  • Platinum Plan: Comprehensive Residency strategy, PS & CV, comprehensive guidance for the interview process via email, and IV preparation personalized for your situation
  • Platinum Plan  Strengths: Comprehensive Residency strategy, PS & Medical CV, LOR, comprehensive guidance for the interview process via email and IV preparation, SOAP Group strategy, access to pre-recorded IV sessions for application guidance
  • Residency Strategy Preparation: Step by step through guidance  on Residency Strategy and application process based on your credentials
  • Access to basics of interview preparation via online group Bootcamp sessions
  • Taught unique opportunities for presenting your best self and softening  your red flags
  • Interactive  group and online training  sessions with an Interview strategy expert helping you identify and target your weaknesses
  • As soon as you enroll: you will have one-hour residency strategy session with intake with a Residency Success team member to enable you to plan your journey to success.
  • Program-specific guidance- How to stand out, proper dress, stress control, Behavioral interview tactics & Clinical interview tactics.
  • Our team consists of other IMG attendings, fellows & residents who understand your needs!

Our Combo Plans

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6 Months Certification + Hands-On Research Experience + One-on-One Research Mentorship
$100 off

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$50 off

*Please note: To receive the discounted pricing, minimum of “TWO SERVICES” must be purchased within “ONE WEEK”


Ratesh Khillan, MD
Founder & CEO
Brooklyn USCE
Urvish Patel, MD, MPH
Co-founder & Chief Education Officer
Research Update Organization
Shae Datta, MD
Chief Education Officer
Residency Success