Urvish Patel, MD, MPH

Co-founder & Chief Education Officer || Neurology Panel

Dr. Patel holds a Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health in Biostatistics. His areas of interest are neurology, neuroepidemiology, vascular medicine, and translational medicine. He has received his training in the outcome, survival, predictive, and cost-effectiveness analysis and management of the clinical trials. He has developed the expertise to review articles and meta-analysis, analyzing clinical data from hospital registries and the national databases, and grant writing, budgeting, and submission. He also has experience of managing clinical trials in the Neuro-AIDS division, Dept. of Neurology and Clinical Trial Unit, Dept. of Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, NY. With the application of clinical knowledge into research, his team has successfully completed more than 50 projects. Under his lead authorship, many of the projects have been awarded the prestigious AHA Junior Investigator Award, Stroke Minority Travel Grant, ANA Travel Awards, ISMMS Graduate School Travel Award, and Young Investigator Award in Clinical Cardiology and have recognized by media like Practice Update, Consultant 360, and Medscape.

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