Michelle Zhang, BS, MD(C)

Medical School Application Advisor

After graduating top of her class as a valedictorian and 4-year varsity athlete, Michelle is now a third-year undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a double major in molecular cell biology and the psychological brain sciences. The heart of her research extends into both her respective majors-the best of both worlds! In her biology lab, Michelle studies the effects of gene knockdown in heart failure and whether the inhibition of certain genes can improve heart failure outcomes in animal models such as rats. Her work in psychology focuses on better understanding the cognitive development of infants/toddlers and how they view the world around them. She specifically studies surprise-induced learning and how violations of expected events can promote infant curiosity and benefit short-term information retention. In her free time, Michelle is a certified EMT serving the general population of Johns Hopkins, as well as the program director of Best Buddies, an organization that strives to create opportunities for individuals in the Baltimore community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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