Physician-Scientist Training Program

(CME Accredited – For US-Practicing Physicians Only)

Physician-Scientist Training Program

Live Sessions + Hands-on Research Experience + Leadership and Mentorship Guidance + Certification
(Duration: Full-time 12 Months and Part-time 24 Months)
  • Exclusive: Research education, Analytical skill learning, Hands-on project experience, National conference presentations, Abstract and Manuscript publications, Research CV, Interview preparation, Certification, Research Mentorship, Leadership and Mentorship guidance, and Career Development guidance
  • 12 months of comprehensive clinical research experience
  • Step-by-step, thorough guidance on projects’ formation and execution process
  • The course covers a full spectrum of basic and advanced research education and guidance on translating ideas and thoughts into viable research projects, including observational study, quality improvement (QI) study, systematic review & meta-analysis, literature review, survey study, and case report-series
  • Each month, you will be working on different types of projects, with the USA attending and instructors, and submit them to the appropriate Peer-reviewed National Conferences (AHA, AMA, AAN, ANA, DDW, AASLD, SGIM, APA, EPA, USCAP, etc.) and PubMed/Google Scholar-indexed peer-reviewed journals (Major Publication Houses: Elsevier, Springer Nature, MDPI, BMJ, Wiley, SAGE, Cureus, etc.)
  • Learning opportunities for presenting and publishing your projects
  • 8-10 students (including residents and/or fellows) per group
  • Groups will be monitored and mentored by three mentors Dr. Patel, a Speciality-specific US Attending Physician, and an Onboard Biostatistician
  • Specifically tailored for USA Practicing Physicians and Greencard or Promotion applicants only
  • Grant Writing Training 
  • Stepwise approach to become an Independent Investigator
  • Research-based Inter-Institutional Collaboration
  • Career Development Guidance
  • Leadership and Mentorship Guidance
  • Balancing Research and Clinical Practice
  • Opportunity to participate in the “Annual Research Day”
  • Certification of Completion will  be provided upon successful completion of the training and presenting your work in the “Peer-reviewed National Conference”
  • To graduate from the program, you should expect to have completed 6 Research Studies (Observational Study, Systematic Review +/- Meta-analysis, and Literature Review +/- Case Report) and 6 National Conference Abstract Presentations
  • We will provide educational training, but for you to complete the program, you need to choose the specialty, topic, and mentors, and execute your work independently, as Research Update will not take responsibility for the publication or outcomes of results as a part of the publication process

Employment-Based Immigration (EB1 and EB2-NIW) Application Support Services

(Non-research related activities)
EB1-A (Extraordinary Ability), EB1-B (Outstanding Researchers), and EB2-NIW (National Interest Waiver)
  • Eligibility Criteria Evaluation
  • Timeline & Strategy Planning
  • Peer-review Activity & Reviewership Assistance
  • Editorial Board Membership Guidance
  • Scientific Society Membership Guidance
  • Guidance to Increase Visibility of Research and Media Coverage
  • Guidance to Increase Citations
  • Dependent and Independent LoRs Assistance
  • Research Summary Writing
  • Proofreading of File 


EB1B approved Filed: Nov 14th, 2022, approved Nov 28, 2022
Specialty: Nephrology
Applied under 3 Criteria:
1. Judge of others- had 28 peer reviews for various journals and 2 Editorial position.
2. Publications- 12 articles, 1 book chapter
3. Contributions of major significance- 30 citations at time of application Lawyer: Victoria Chen’s firm- Extremely efficient and prompt. Did a great job drafting letters and petition. They follow a set pattern and stick to it.
Share your experience with us: Big thanks to Urvish for his unwavering support and help throughout the process.

Date of Application: May 3, 2022
Category of Application (EB1A, EB1B, EB2-NIW): EB1A
Specialty of Interest: Neurology, Vascular neurology
Number of Citations: 74
Number of Publications on Google Scholar: 14 full publications, 17 abstract
Number of Articles Reviewed: 45
Number of Editorial Board Membership Positions:4
Number & Name of Scientific Society-Invited Membership: SigmaXi, AMA, AINA, AAN, AHA/ASA
Share your experience with us: Oh! What should I say? Hard to explain this feeling. Urvish, you are like my brother. You were there for me every single step. And we are still going to work together.